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Uncle Jack has selected the highest quality unique gifts, collectibles and wares, native to the Eastern United States. All of these products have been personally selected by Uncle Jack  himself. Nothing less than your complete satisfaction is his goal.  
  Featuring:  Best Selection and prices of Zook's Style and Conestoga Hex Signs (Ivan Hoyt Design's). Amish Blacksmith Creations of Wrought Iron Decor and Gifts, crafted in Lancaster, PA area. Delightful finds of  Fine Jewelry, Gifts, Toys, Puzzles, Hand Crafts, Educational Items, Collectables, Fun Items, Medical Aids and Gadgets. Most of these items are associated with States on the Eastern Sea Board of the United States and will introduce you to . .                              
The East Coast Style Of Living.

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Uncle Jack welcomes comments and letters,
I will publish both good and bad comments.
Do to security I will just use your initials
City and State with your comments. 
Please I love to know how I am doing.

E-Mail Uncle Jack: comments@unclejackdsdelights.com

        Just gave your Hot Sauce Gift Basket to my Dad for his Birthday, he was thrilled. He really liked the Lime
Cilantro Margarita Hot Sauce.  Nice variety.
D.B.  Dallas, TX

        Going on a diet and love your no fat Vidalia onion summer tomato dressing.  Not normally a salad fan but this stuff is good, going to try the creamy dill next.
C.L. Oroville, CA
       Fantastic Key Lime Honey Mustard Dip, put out for a party with pretzels and it was gone in a half hour.
S.W.  Denver, CO
       Just gave your GOOD NEIGHBOR GIFT BASKET to a new neighbor next door, a young Lady, we are now going out on dates. Thanks Uncle Jack.
G.S. Philadelphia, PA
       I am on my last jar of the Jersey Fresh Honey, this stuff is great.  Natural honey tastes so much better than store bought.  My favorite is your Cranberry Honey.  Can't wait to see what the Pine Barrens honey tastes like.
V.W. Reno, NV
Hi. I had to write and say it was so nice to come upon your items. I am from Marshallton, Delaware, which is in between Newark and Wilmington. I have several Hex Signs I had bought year ago and I display them with pride. My grandmother left the "community" to marry my grandfather, so Amish items are near and dear to my heart. I will defiantly be bidding on your hex signs. It was just nice to see something from "home" and then a person selling it from Wilm, DE.! I miss the area as you can tell. My body is in Texas but heart will always be in Delaware! Thanks for making my day! 
J. W. TX
Uncle Jack, I recently purchased a sock aid from you.  All I can say is thank you thank you thank you. I have not been able to put my own socks on for over 3 years because of an arthritic hip. I am only 37 and it got to be embarrassing to have my teenage daughter to have to help dress me.  I am a pastor at a small church and once I had to do a wedding without socks because no one was home to help me. The sock aid has been an answer to my prayers.  I have a business trip
in a couple of weeks and I was so concerned how I was going to put my socks on with no one there to help. I  plan to tell everyone I run into with hip trouble about this product and will send them to your website. Thanks again,
Hi, We purchased a bluebird of happiness hex sign from you. Just wanted to let you know how happy we were with it. We live in Ohio and they are hard to find here locally. My wife collects them and paints them. She has 2 originals painted by Johnny Claypoole and several reproductions by Zook. She also designed and painted several that we have on our barn and our wood fence. Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your product and watching your web sight for future purchases.
Thanks Again, T. J.
Uncle Jack, Just had to send you a note to tell you how great tasting your No Fat Vidalia Onion Summer Tomato Salad Dressing and Vidalia Onion Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing are. In addition to great taste they helped me trim off 35 pounds on a eat right diet. You have a steady customer!
Dear Uncle Jack, My Son gave me a gift basket of your hot sauces and I just want to tell you it was one of the best presents I have ever received. The first two sauces I used were outstanding. I want you to know I will be buying from your site for my gift shopping. Great Site B.T. AK
Dear U.J., Super Hex Sign.  I have it hanging over my front door. Topic of conversation for all who visit, wish I had thought to give them for Christmas.
Dear U.J., Great Cross Puzzle, everyone of my family and friends enjoyed solving it. I will be buying more difficult puzzles next week. Regards Bill Dallas, TX
Great BBQ Sauces, if you recall I ordered 1 of each. I would like to buy 3 cases of the VO BBQ sauce can I get a special price for 3 cases.  Will need to be delivered by 7/1/06. 
Thanks Spencer F.  Little Rock, AR
( I replied ....... Yes I will give you a price break for the 3 cases and no problem with the delivery Date.)
1/15/08 Hi, purchased 2  Christmas Holiday Hex Signs from you in Dec., they were given as gifts and both folks were very pleased. Please keep this item for next year! Thanks Bev Utah
Hello, I recently purchased 15 Yip sticks from you.. I am very pleased with them.. Just a little note to let you know why I purchased them.... My father hand crafted 2 of them many years ago.. he got the directions out of some farmer's book.. He recently passed away and the Yip stick came out again for us to play with...Many of his grandchildren had never seen one.. Being that my mother only has one of them she was a little afraid that the grandchildren would brake it.  How would they learn how to do the Yip Stick.... So after finding them on your web site I ordered one for all of my sisters and bother and the grandkids so they can play with them.  Thanks again... I have already had offers for the other 2 you sent... Thanks again... Sharon
Uncle Jack, I ordered a 1 inch quad tip from you several months ago. I had told you about my son who is a student at college and suffers from cerebral palsy and uses a cane. The quad tip is working great. He has more satiability and also when he needs to use both hands, the cane will stand on its on (previously he had to find a way to prop it up or it would fall to ground or floor and it was difficult for him to then pick it up.  I will need to order another one .......  Thanks so much, he is very pleased with the new quad tip.
3/2/2013 Dear Uncle Jack, Yes we did receive the soft pretzels and are very pleased with them. We do intend to order more in the future. Yes, we do live out here away from the big city so deliveries do take longer and sometimes get lost . Thankfully these pretzels arrived in good condition and are fantastic! We couldn't find them anywhere else for such a reasonable price and quantity......
Tammy & Family, Texas
5/12/14 My name is Brad and I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I am currently in the midst of stripping off paint of my parents garage door and bringing back a natural look. I found your website on e-bay. You definitely had the most reasonable and nicest looking Dutch sign. I want to hang it on the garage door Is this sign good for rain and snow?  I read that you prefer the other kind then the wooden one because its more durable. Look forward to hearing from you I think its great that you send a paper on info pertaining to the Hex sign. 
Thank you Friend Brad
( I replied ...... Yes the sign is durable outside and I send instructions on how to treat for long term care. The sign on my shed has been there for 12 years ! My paper also gives meanings for each unique character used to create the hex sign as well as it's overall meaning. My web store unclejacksdelights.com also sells larger sizes, depending on your needs. Keep in mind most people do not know hex signs exists and make wonderful gifts. Thanks for your nice E-Mail.)
10/12/2015  I just received my item (Sock Aid), and I wanted to thank you personally, this was a Godsend. I am only 44 and my left hip is totally shot. Unfortunately, I cannot have a replacement until I hit at least 45, (insurance says so). Meanwhile, I have had to quit my job, and sell on ebay to supplement my income. But, worse, I have had to depend on my husband to put on my sock for me! Which in itself was embarrassing, but it didn't work when he left for business trips! My feet FROZE!! I never knew such an item existed, and it is incredible. Thank you from the bottom of my frozen toes for giving me backs some dignity.
11/11/2016 What bright and attractive hex signs. My purchase of seven arranged in a circle draws a lot of nice compliments. Thanks for the signs and the idea.
B.J. Seattle, Washington
10/30/2016 I missed my Lancaster Cheeses thanks for selling them. I have been looking of an on for about 2 years, don't stop the good foods. P.S. Your Mean Jean's 3-Pepper Hot Sauce and NJ honey also
was outstanding.
Rob Dallas, Texas
12/12/2017 Great Tavern puzzle my husband will love them for Christmas.
Mandy V. Las Vegas, NV
12/18/2017Thanks Uncle Jack Super Salad Dressings when I finish my 6 bottle I will give you a call about Case Prices.
Portland, Oregon
 8/13/2017 Dear Mr. Shaw - Thank You so much for reaching out to help this patient with the alphabet board! Your kindness is greatly appreciated. May God continue to bless you.
Naome, Oakland, CA
8/26/2017 Hello,  Just wanted to thank you for an excellent transaction. My son went to Hershey PA with his aunt this summer and bought some of these earrings for a little girl he's sweet on. (He is only 10.) He put them in a little gift card and took them to school and lost them between classes. He didn't have class with her during first period, but they shared second period and he had them with him and must have dropped them. They were never found. I suspect someone found them and kept them, but we'll never know. Anyway, he was heartbroken. He had spent his own allowance money on them. We were so happy to find some more in your store. You have made him very happy. He was thrilled to receive them in the mail. And - he got the necklace this time also, which he didn't have before, so that's great. Thanks so much for your help and great service. Best of luck with your future sales. Sincerely, S. G,
2/13/17 Hi, Just wanted to say that the tripod cane tip you sold me is a big improvement in stability. I'd had a total knee replacement, then a few weeks later, using my cane, I fell smack on the new knee. After 2nd surgery, I'd lost all confidence walking with a cane again. This cane tip is so much more secure-feeling, when it arrived from you, I got to walking again. Thought you might like to know I'm glad I bought it from you--
thanks much,  mary in florida
6/15/17  WOW! Your hot sauces are great, I received a gift basket for my Birthday, with these I don't mind getting older. bill New Mexico
12/13/17 I just finished decorating my kitchen with 14 of you hex signs, they are awesome. I am getting all kinds of compliments. Thanks Uncle Jack  j.a. PA
2/13/18 I bought you sock aid and long shoe horn, thanks for my new freedom. I always needed help in this area. God Bless.  Ann C.  Texas

8/8/18 thank you so much for the prompt delivery,.im an indiana boy that lives in michigan now,. my grandfather was from PA and had hex's all over the house when i was a kid,.he passed away when i was young, thought i would never find a way to purchase one without going to PA, your prices are very fair so is the shipping,..i enclosed a picture of our barn with the irish hex i purchased, to show how greatly appreciative our family is,...i will be purchasing more from you and telling friends and family about your business,.. thank you very much,...the Nichol family

I just want to thank you for your beautiful Hex Sign and prompt, courteous service.

There’s a small, personal story behind this sign.  40 years ago when I built my house I purchased from a local Scandinavian store ( as the internet was just a “thought”)  a Hex Sign that signified good luck and love.  It has been screwed to the outside of my house over the front door for the last 40 years.  As time takes it’s toll on everything, this sign has seen better days and since I’m having the front of my house repainted I sought out a new replacement sign.

Enter E Bay and Uncle Jack’s Delights.  I found the replacement, ordered it and it arrived neatly on my front doorstep within days and as luck will have it, the painters are coming in 2 days to repaint. 

I’m very excited to replace a 40 year old Hex sign and I thank you for your quality product and prompt service. 
I will leave a positive response on E Bay regarding your company.

Thank you,
Wendy from Massachusetts

P.S.  Your note that accompanied the order is a great touch.
5/21/2019 After searching for the perfect sign for my shed I found your site.  I'm so happy with the hex sign.  Perfect size, perfect colors and meaning.  I'll pass on your info to anyone who will listen and order from you for gifts.
Many thanks!
12/11/2019 We just received our hex sign order and I just wanted to let you know you wowed us!!! Knocked it out of the park. We will definitely pass the word around to friends and family. Happy Holidays!!
Bonnie and Gary
Lewes DE
12/13/2019 Wow!  I am so excited my hex signs arrived so quickly.  In 2 days I had my order.  They are beautifully made and exactly the different look I wanted for my home.  The hex signs we chose were definitely pertaining to our life.  Uncle Jack’s work and commitment to his customer is outstanding and I would recommend him to any and everyone.  Thanks for your talents, skills and customer service.  Happy holidays!


I want to say "Thank You" very much for the sign. I really appreciate the paperwork you included with it also.
It's nice that you put in a paper specific to the sign and the paper with the History of Hex Signs. The sign looks great on my outdoor shed! Which by the way is an Amish made shed! So glad I found you :)
Take care,
Blessings to you, Tina , Keene NH

Thanks for the beautiful pa Dutch hex sign! It will be used as the center piece for a wreath for a
Mother’s Day gift-we come from pa Dutch area/background. Thanks also for the speedy delivery
and reasonable prices!

Sam L.

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